THE OXFORD ANGEL FUND is a group of Oxford-educated angel investors with the common interest of investing in Oxford educated entrepreneurs.

The quality of pitches presented by Oxford-educated founders at the Oxford Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area (OEB) meetings inspired the Oxford Angel Fund, which was hatched in 2016 as a $500K “experimental” fund comprised of investments by Bay Area Oxonians.

Fundraising for Oxford Angel Fund II is currently underway, with a target of $20M to be invested in 80 to 100 companies founded by Oxonians and operating in the US. If you are interested in Fund II and you are an “accredited investor” and a U.S. taxpayer, email

to receive the private placement memorandum (which is the only offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy, an interest in the fund).

OUR INVESTMENT GOAL: Support Oxonian Entrepreneurship

  • Fund Oxford startups
  • Mentor and support Oxford founders
  • Contribute a portion of Fund profits to Oxford University and Colleges
  • Contribute a portion of Fund profits to Oxford-connected causes


Are you an Oxonian founder looking for investment? To apply please complete the Oxford Angel Fund Expression of Interest Form