• 1—15 startups over a two-year period.
  • Five year life
  • No management fees or carried interest (the only Fund expenses will be legal and regulatory if needed).
  • The Fund will only co-invest, not lead.
  • LLPs will have a pro-rata right to make further individual investments in portfolio companies should they wish to do so.
  • Fund I will be managed by a small group of investors.
  • No restrictions on the type of startups we invest in, aside from the requirement that at least one co-founder has an Oxford connection

By keeping Fund I small and focusing on a small number of deals we have been able to maximize learning and improve the quality of our overall performance through rapid learning. This is in effect an Agile Fund.



  • Fund size targeted at $3M, up to $5M
  • Diverse portfolio, comprised of 25 to 30 US-based companies operating in many industries and employing novel technologies and business models
  • Focused on US companies founded by Oxford alumni from many intellectual disciplines
  • Geographically distributed across the US, with a focus on Boston, NY, DC, LA, SF Bay Area, San Diego, and Seattle (80+%) of US VC market)
  • Angel or seed investments, then investing alongside VCs
  • Managed by fund investors who are Oxford graduates

Fundraising for Oxford Angel Fund II is currently underway.  If you are interested in Fund II and you are an “accredited investor”, email fund2@oxfordangelfund.com to receive the private placement memorandum, which is the only offer to sell, or solicitation of and offer to buy, and interest in the fund.